Unsolicited Bottle Advice

Sometimes when you are feeding a baby a bottle, they just don’t finish it. You have like, an hour with formula to get it in the fridge before it’s lost forever, and then 24 hours once it’s been refrigerated. In the beginning, I know it’s hard to remember to even get to the refrigerator, but if you can manage that, you may find you have forgotten when you put the bottle in! I kept forgetting when I put it in at all, and ended up throwing it out anyway! Seems crazy, but I’m sure others have this problem.

Wasting formula SUCKS!

My solution is this: Leave a dry erase marker next to the refrigerator and write the date and time on it. Easy as that, really. It wipes right off. For me- problem solved.  : )

I just use a black one, but I suppose you could get all fancy!

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