And in the world of music…

I’ve got to give an update about how my St. Patrick’s Day show went.

I honestly did not know how I would feel during or after singing and performing for 3 sets. It takes a lot of energy to get up there and do what I do. I thought I would be ok, but then maybe would collapse after all. Only way to know is try. These long distance gigs are hard because we are gone for a good 12 hours total. It’s pretty exhausting. And I’m already  tired most of the time!

I have to say, adrenaline is an amazing thing. The drive down was good, and once there, it’s all gear up to the time we go on. Being on stage was an adrenaline rush that lasted me the whole way home. I did go right to bed when I got home, and slept pretty soundly. So really, it went on as per usual. I was less tired than I normally am.  The only thing I can say is that I found it took a little more time to adjust to my breath. I was a little breathless after a couple of challenging songs, but even that subsided pretty quickly as I found ways to compensate.

Now, what was little Patrick doing during all this? For the first set, he was moving right along with me, and then I think he was either deeply listening or maybe just fell asleep. I can’t imagine what my regular speaking voice turned crazy belting voice singing “Separate Ways” sounds like from inside the womb. What a welcome into the world.

Here’s “Separate Ways”…. because it rocks and this video is AWESOME.  : )

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