I Should’a Just Gone To Chipotle

I am new to this housewife thang. I’m not much of a cook. It’s not been something I’ve ever had time for, or really enjoyed for that matter. The kitchen is not a place where my creativity wants to shine. So be it. Before all this (marriage, baby) my life consisted of working like crazy, playing gigs, hanging out with friends, and living off a steady diet of a combination of Tastee Diner food and scraps from my mom.

Tastee Diner: The source of many a meal.
Tastee Diner: The source of many a meal.

But, like many things, sometimes I get the old 7 year (or ‘month’ in this case) itch to do something crazy. Much like when every few years I crochet up a storm of blankets and scarves. They come whizzing out of my hands like notes on the piano usually do. So every now and then I get a great idea. This time it was,  “Why would I spend $7.50 per Burrito Bol at Chipotle when I can just as easily make it at home?”

I didn’t say I was thinking clearly.

So I started with the guacamole. Between the peeling and the chopping of avacados, onion, garlic, feeding the baby, diaper change and a soothing, it took an hour and a half from the time I started. Now, it did taste pretty good. I got some pre-made guacamole concoction from Harris Teeter to go in it… though, if I’d spent just an hour longer I PROBABLY could have made that too.

So after several “testings” of the guac, I moved on to the rest. I’d gotten as many of the spices I could find to follow a “from scratch” recipe I found online for the Chipotle Restaurant Recipes. I couldn’t find all the ingredients, so I had to improvise a little. It wasn’t exactly like Chipotle, but you know, good enough. So I’m mixing up all these spices then coated the chicken and beef. I probably should have left it marinating overnight, but whatever. A half hour is good enough, right?  Got the black beans, the onions/peppers, the corn, the rice going either on the stove top/microwave.


I actually bought pre-grated cheese, because the last time I grated something, we may or may not have had an extra piece of me in our meal. So gross.

Not my thumb, but you get the point.
Not my thumb, but you get the point.

Ok, so between more diapers and feeding and baby attention giving, the dinner was ready 2 hours later. So that was 3 and a half hours total time. Was it good? Sure. A little different than Chipotle, but not in a bad way. Did it cost less? Nope. Did it take way longer? Yep. Did I feel good or accomplished for doing this? Not really. Especially with all the dishes and pans I dirtied up.


It did feed us for 2 days, though, so that was good. Also, if I hadn’t had done this, I wouldn’t have this picture. Please note a very stealthy and jawa-esque dog waiting in the wings for any and all droppage.

Cady the Stealthy Jawa. Pinpoint eyes and white mouth.

In summary, 5 hours after I started the dinner project, my comment on the evening was, “Well, I’m never doing that again. I should’a just gone to Chipotle.”

5 thoughts on “I Should’a Just Gone To Chipotle

  1. Well, those nachos look GREAT!!! Now I want nachos. Regarding the cooking, though, sometimes it just gives a person a good feeling to have accomplished something. I think you should feel good about this and do it again “sometime.”

  2. As a fellow ‘new to cooking’ type I have had similar experiences. Totally jacked up technique, spending too much, not turning out right…it kinda sucks actually.

    After a good amount of time suffering through kitchen failures I decided to start from the basics…approaching it like a student would. I picked one thing to learn how to do better and went from there. The first thing that I decided to do was ‘dice onions’. I watched a few YouTube videos, and got to work. Needless to say it was a difficult process. I cried. A lot. Those goddamn onion vapors get me every time. Then I realized that I had a sub-standard knife…so I decided to learn how to sharpen knives. Six months later and I have sharp knives and can dice the shit out of an onion.

    Cooking at home does save time, if you keep it simple and practice the same or similar recipes over and over.

    Fuck that, I’m going to Chipotle 😛

    • I got the Onion Vapors! Seriously. Haha… every time! EVERY TIME! I’ve been pretty much doing that too… youtube is my friend. And really, I feel like I have a pretty good idea of how things should go- I’m not afraid of it or anything. I’m not much on measuring, and “order of operations” is sometimes an issue. But I guess we’re 20 years or so late to this party, so I’ll dice us some slack. lol

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