The New Pope

I really, really, REALLY thought he was going to be Italian. Then I see a picture of him and damned if he doesn’t look like Junior Soprano. Maybe it’s just the glasses, but close enough, I say.


So, the $1200 bucks up for grabs at will go to someone else. I kind of can’t wait to see if someone guessed the right person AND the name he chose! Seems pretty unlikely, but I suppose we shall see. For the record, I had Scola taking the name “Peter”. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I won’t be going to the track anytime soon. 😉

3 thoughts on “The New Pope

    • Well he was born in Buenos Aires, so not considered “from Italy”. He will be viewed as Hispanic regardless of his actual ancestry… From Argentina. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

      • (Cont…) to quote Seinfeld. When I was choosing my Fantasy Conclave guess, I really thought he would be from Italy, so I was kind of right. But of course never in the way that would win me some money! Haha… Turns out 41 people guessed Jorge Bergoglio, 2 people picked the right day,and nobody guessed his chosen name. So they went with who placed their entry first. Congrats Michael Brennan of Wisconsin!

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