Change of Season Update…

The summer is quickly behind us, and now we begin the next season with another enormous whoosh!


On top of the milestone that is “My First Child Starts Kindergarten”, I have been as busy as ever preparing to help open a beautiful new church in Timonium, MD… Church of Nativity’s new sanctuary. So, on top of mini vacations/summer activities, school supply shopping, kid rearing/regular house stuff, and virtual tour making (my work-at-home job)-  I’ve been going to rehearsal after rehearsal, working out kinks of a brand new room and sound system, giving a concert for the many amazing volunteers this church has, more rehearsals, song preparations- and now- the final week leading up to the Grand Opening and Kick-Off Weekend of this new state of the art church. All this AND I get to play with these wonderful fellow musicians/friends? How blessed am I? Don’t think for a second I don’t know!


Feel free to take a look at the church’s Facebook page for pictures (of the outside only)- the unveiling will happen Sunday, September 10, 2017!

We drove by after the State Fair on Labor Day and Brian snapped a photo.



This upcoming week is going to be one for the books! I can’t believe my oldest is starting Kindergarten, and that he will be attending school all day, every day. He seems so little for that. I know the kids are all fine, but I’m coming from growing up in a time where Kindergarten was about 3 hours and there was a nap in there. Today, there’s a homeroom teacher teaching Math, Science, English and Social Studies, plus an Art, P.E. and Music teacher. It’s going to be a whole new world! Kindergarten is most certainly the new first grade. I just hope it’s a smooth transition for my boy. He is very excited to be going to school. I hope that feeling lasts and that he is always excited about school- unlike his mama. 😀

Basically me in school, just wanting it to be over with so I could go work on important things like music and writing. People asking too many questions was just one struggle.


I’m glad I’ll be able to go with him the first day for a few hours, just so see how things are going and flowing. He will be on regular schedule after that and I will begin my schedule of madness leading up to Sunday- which includes rehearsals- one on Thursday, three on Saturday. Then four masses and one special performance on Sunday. After that, I can breathe a little, though I will be doing all five masses per Sunday through Oct. 8- which is a great thing! I’m happy to be busy!

Add one baby, one cat, and two dogs!

This new space- the church- what a freeing environment. Without giving away too much too soon, I’m all wireless- ears and mic- with nothing between me and the people. I don’t have a line of mic stands and equipment in front of me. It’s a very clean area, which is a welcome change to every scenario I’ve been a part of since the days of mic-less plays I used to be a part of in my youth. This is as good as it gets… and about all I’m at liberty to say until this is all unveiled.


I’m wishing everyone a smooth transition to the next season of changes. Until the next update or crazy story… I remain…



I never dreamed I’d be posting a Hilary Duff quote, and yet, here we are. 😀

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