It’s the Final Countdown… to baby and baby brain

You know, not to quote “Europe” or anything, but here we are. Quoting Europe. And now, I place a link for you to listen while you read- if you dare. It’s a cover of “The Final Countdown”, which is called, “the worst cover ever!” It really is horrible, but I love it.

I’ll be 37 weeks in tomorrow. That is what is considered “full term”… so I could go at any time, really. Last week I really felt that way- it didn’t seem like my stomach would hold much more, but I’ve seemed to have plateaued again in the “uncomfortable” department. I’m not nearly as uncomfortable as I was last week. Even though my stomach is rock hard at all times and poor little Patrick is just struggling to move around. He just pushes and pushes his little butt up against my stomach like he’s making his own room. I think this is a good sign, he will make his way in life just fine- making room for himself.

I think Patrick is going to be his own leader!

Right now, I’m trying desperately to tie up all my loose ends. Financial things, work/insurance/hospital things, baby room things all topping this list. I’m hanging in there at work. I’m surprised at how productive I’ve been able to be. In some ways I’m 10 times dumber than usual, in other ways, I’m like a multitasking powerhouse. I can’t believe the amount of things I’ve kept track of. I can’t believe some of the things I’ve forgotten! Surprising myself in every way these days.

Here are the ways I am dumb:

1. Someone asked me for the fax number, and I confidently started to recite my mom’s phone number. (I stopped when every co-worker of mine looked at me in surprise. “Go do something else, preggo.” one said.  haha)

2. I have a get a new pin number every 20 minutes, because my brain can’t hold onto them. (We need a new number every day to access everything on the computer. Non-pregnant, I may have to get a new number 2 times in a day.)

3. I’m notorious for going to get something and then having no idea what I was looking for when I actually get to the location. Now, this is something that happened to me occasionally over the years, but it is 98% more common these days.

4. We have automatic lights that come on when you walk into an office at work. I’ve found myself walking into my kitchen and waiting, much too long, for the lights to come on. Then I remember, “Oh, yeah. I have to turn these on with my actual hand.” It’s not the fact that I think the lights are going to turn on automatically at home. It’s the amount of time and actual arm movements trying to get the non-existent censor to turn the light on that worries me.

5. I forget to bring everything to the car on the way into work, and then when leaving work, I have to go back into the store 1-2 times for forgotten items. It’s maddening, and I only have my stupid brain and it’s thinking to blame.

Sometimes I have to put myself in time out!

Overall I’m really proud of myself for having lasted this long at work, and not screwing up too many things. I’ve really done a good job of keeping it together. One challenge I have in my life is that I do not tend to ask for much help. I’m happy just to take care of business and keep on moving.  I tend to want to power through and get things done on my own, no matter how high the obstacle. This pregnancy has forced me into a position of having to ask for help, which is a lesson I have needed to learn. Having limitations has been a hard thing for me to deal with, but it’s actually helping me grow. Who’d have thought?

I still feel a little defeated, but I’m only one person. No, wait… I’m two right now, which is even harder than being one!

One thought on “It’s the Final Countdown… to baby and baby brain

  1. I think you should do one entry on your DRIVING!!!
    Then stay off the road until the baby is at least 6 weeks old.

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