The Waiting Game

My due date is tomorrow.

I really believed, for what ever reason, that this baby would want to come out early. But here we are, one day before “the day”. Is anything happening? According to the doctor, as of Wednesday, no. Of course, that being the case, they wanted to induce me tomorrow. I did not agree to that, I feel like Patrick should be able to pick his own day, or at least get reasonably close to that day before we start to intervene. Either way, I’m really trying to send him a telepathic eviction notice.

TIme’s up, buddy!

My usually sharp instincts have been off this last month or so. Probably longer. This is not helping in the “delivery decisions” department. I doubt myself on the simplest things, so big things are just out of the scope of trying to figure out.  I just hope Patrick has stolen all my decision making powers and will use them. Preferably this week sometime.

“Should I come out now, or later…. hmmm…. decisions, decisions.”

IN THE MEANTIME… it’s old wives tales city. “Go for walks!” “Bounce on a ball!” “Jump rope!” (omg, with these feet?  I don’t think so! I might crash through the floor!) My friend Angela said today, “Pedicure!”  Ha! Now there’s one I don’t care if it works or not! I totally went for one. I really needed it. I haven’t been able to do anything to my feet for a couple of weeks now. My pinky toenail was snaggly and painful and I couldn’t really fix it myself. I’ve still been working and preparing for this huge life event. Haven’t really had time for a treat. But I did it today, and now my toes are delivery room ready! I’m sure the nurses and doctors care.

“She’s got good lookin’ toenails?”
“Ok, all systems go!”

After that, the husband and I walked down to the pool. I was hoping some swimming might get things moving. We were in the pool over an hour and it’s the best I’ve felt this entire pregnancy. I felt like myself again. No limitations. Could swim just fine! And my shot on the water basketball hoop was just fine also!

I thought breast stroke would be the most inducing of all the strokes with the frog kick and whatnot, though I did try a little butterfly, because the dolphin kick seems like it might be pretty effective also. Butterfly did not last long! Just a few strokes. Patrick was like, “What the heck are you doing?”  He was moving around a lot as I swam, walked, bounced, and attempted to float. Floating was hilarious. On a regular non-pregnant day, I could float forever. But with this massive ball o’ baby weighing me down, it was a real effort to get my toes out of the water. It became like an awkward synchronized swimming move just to keep myself afloat.

Yeah, this lady’s not getting her toes out of the water either. I don’t feel so bad!

Now, with all my new-found water energy, there was nothing like the reality of getting out of the pool and realizing my true weight again. UGH. How quickly we forget. I felt like I was carrying cinder block in my bathing suit. Walking home was not fun. It’s a really long and steep hill, and was fast making me feel like I might die. We made it home though, I crashed on the couch while my husband foraged some Mexican food for us to eat. While he was gone, my stomach tightened up a lot, and has not really gone back to normal. Is this a contraction? I have no idea. I just ate my Mexi-food with tons of hot sauce.

Unfortunately, I think Patrick is fine with spicy foods as I’ve been eating it all along. I need to find something he doesn’t like.

So now what? I’m scheduled to work tomorrow…. it’s a short shift, so I suppose that’s what I’ll be doing. Just keep on keeping on.

2 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. Lots of positive steps here. Can you get a swim in tomorrow before you go to work? Might be a good idea. Also, Lisa said there was something about getting a pedicure that got her contractions going (prematurely, however). Mary had also said something about some pressure spot on the foot that might bring on contractions. Let’s hope! Patrick just might want to be born on Father’s Day and SHARE a birthday with his cousin. He just might.

  2. So good to get a catch up!! Again, not to alarm you, but Sun King was a week late and some kiddos longer than that. Hubby John was a month late. Patrick knows when his ship is supposed to sail, don’t worry!! (And count on it: you can send any worry you have over to us and others of your friends — worrying is OUR job!! Your job is to relax as much as you can and … mmmm…. sliiiiiiiiiide ! haha

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