WayOut Sabbatical Update

So very much has happened since last I left you. I thought I’d kick off WayOutMama 2.0 with a theme change! Change is good!

We’ve had some personal losses last year that were hard to share about in the moment, and overtook most of the year. I will share, someday. I feel it very easy to post little funnies on FB, but the deeper matters live over here. The blog is officially “back on” on all other matters.

That being said- What a whirlwind it has been. I’ll focus on the good for now.

My little one year old is now a hearty 23 month old. He is, by far the best thing ever! We have so much fun with this boy. He loves to read, loves to run and play ball. He’s learning letters like crazy, putting together little makeshift train tracks and learning how to turn on and operate mama’s keyboard, writing his own little songs. He’s named the groundhog across the street “Jo-shee” and calls for her whenever we go outside. He loves going to the local gymnasium’s open gym. Loves spending time with family and friends, and makes everyone smile. Especially in the grocery store. 🙂 He’s so friendly and so funny… a true joy to be around.

Here he is hamming it up at the gym. I got the coolest gift for Christmas- a GoPro camera- so I’m playing around with making little movies. (Thanks, husband!)

And our most recent canoe trip:

On the music front- lots of really cool stuff going on. Starting singing at Church of the Nativity in Timonium last June, and have met some of the best musicians and people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Here’s us at our Easter Service this year.

Wedding season is about to gear up, so we will be very busy. Also have a couple of duo gigs coming up which I have a ton of new songs I’ve added. Looking forward to that! Among all the last minute gigs and projects I get involved with, it’s been busy, and I hope it stays that way! 🙂

Ok, well there’s a mini-update, anyway. Looking forward to posting on the regular again! Until then!

2 thoughts on “WayOut Sabbatical Update

  1. You prolly already checked but Baby #2 just moved from Scorpio (10/24) to Libra (10/20) — kind of a huge change!!!

    Fun reading blog again!

    Feel like I’ve been neglecting you terribly when I learned how much physical discomfort you’ve been in….that is what we are good for and we might have been able to do something!!

    Now that I am REALLY better we hope to DO better by our Loved Ones – namely — you!!

    Jo Lee FGF

    • Yes… it is a whole new ball game with Libra. Luckily, I’ve had plenty of practice with them. 😉 So we’ll have 2 Libras, a Pisces and a Cancer. Water vs. Air! haha… Yeah, I try to just not talk about it too much while it’s going on, as to not put any more focus on it. But anyway, hopefully these tactics work for a while. All my other stretches that used to work, stopped working, I guess it’s something else pressing on it now. I’m just thankfully for the short bouts I’ve been having, as opposed to marathon days on end of it!

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