And Baby Makes 2



Yes, it’s true. I’m halfway through 18 weeks… it’s going by faster than it did last time, or so it seems. 

My first trimester was rough- between being nauseated, exhausted and dealing with sciatica pain (yes, already!) it was no picnic. It made for a rough couple of months, but still and all, I was able to keep up with obligations and gigs. Though, I must say, it makes it hard to take on anything else I don’t already have on the calendar. Who knows how I’ll be feeling? “Will I be able to walk that day?” has crossed my mind several times. But I suppose I should stick to the old “music heals all”. I’ve never had anything physical stop me from singing/playing, and mostly, I feel better for doing so. But you never know, and that’s what sticks in my head. When this pain strikes, there’s no hiding it. It’s like a “frickin’ laser beam” down my back and backside. 

As far as the sciatica goes, I have found a great stretch that really helps. If you have sciatic nerve trouble, please try it. It’s called “The Reverse Pigeon ” It’s actually a yoga pose I found when researching acupuncture. It’s the variation on this that I think REALLY gets in there and helps me. Hopefully, if you have this problem, it will help you too! 


Between this pose and an impromptu Reiki season at the Main Street Festival, I’ve been so much better the last couple of weeks. (Thanks, Jessica! Now YOU’RE famous! ) I should also thank my friend massage therapist friend Lisa for the great sleeping advice (on side, pillow between legs at knee and ankle! ), though staying in that position while sleeping is out of my control. 😉 Whenever I wake up, which is often, I go back to it.

The pain was getting really bad. With my pregnancy with Patrick, I got it later in my pregnancy and it would only happen right before bed. Debilitating pain that reduced me to literally crawling to bed. But this time, that pain was starting as early as 11am and lasting all day, while I was trying to get all my work done, and keep up with a toddler. Not fun. But for now, it’s much, much better. I’ll take whatever I can get! 

And let’s talk dreams- oh, have they been wild. Like a double to quadruple feature every night. Plot twists, intrigue, action, adventure. Can a girl just get some rest? Apparently not. Mind is in overdrive. I told my doctor one of my latest crazy ones. The one about being a guest at a wedding and having a great time on the dance floor. After having shared a dance with Vince Vaughn (totally normal) I looked out the window to see that we were under some sort of military operation. There were troops at every window. As it turned out, they were looking for one man in particular, but we were all being questioned. Good times. 

Everything seems to be on track with the baby. We started at Oct. 24 for a due date, but due to size, now we’re going with Oct. 20. We’ll see if this one tries to top Patrick’s birth weight of 10.3. Eeesh. I hope not. We will find out what we are having on June 6. Now, that’s exciting!


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