Smoke and Mirrors

I’m midway through my busy season. So far, it’s gone pretty well, but not without a monkey wrench or two.

When I was told, with less than 2 weeks’ notice, that we would be shooting a video for our agency at our furthest-away gig of the year, with me being 20 weeks pregnant, I was a little worried. “Greeeeat.” I said.  A four hour ride, wait around for 4 hours, then shoot a video? Not to mention the idea of having my present condition documented and used for the next couple of years to secure future gigs, well, you can imagine my semi-panic.

My first step was to find a new blazer. I saw something online at Kohl’s, a Jennifer Lopez special. Her line of clothes is great for the curviest you. Lots of room in the bust and butt. Of course, the blazer I wanted was only available for online purchase and would never make it to me in time. We headed to Motherhood at the mall. I was reluctant to go there, because I’ve found that most of their clothing accentuates the bundle of joy in your midsection- not hide it. I told them my predicament when I got there, and the girl grabbed just the right blazer and blouse. The blazer is cut in angles in the front, the blouse, super blousey. It was a smoke and mirrors miracle.MegaCamo

So with that covered, I felt good about the entire day. Now of course, this was on a weekend when my husband was away, so I was also playing the part of “single mom”, relying on family to really help me out that weekend. I left at 10:30am and didn’t get home until almost 4 in the morning. It was a LONG DAY. Patrick was with his Aunt Sheryl and grandmother (Mi-Mi) all day (and night, almost!). I was up at 7:45am with Patrick the next morning, and had my mom come over around 9 to watch him for a few hours so that I would be able to sleep, in order to rest my voice enough to sing again at church that evening. Aunt Sheryl and Mi-Mi came over again to take care of Patrick again that evening. We all went to bed early that night! What a weekend!

The following week,, not as bad- laid some background vocals down for a project I’m working on, then the wedding gig was only about an hour away on Saturday, then church again Sunday, then rehearsal for another wedding after mass. Then another rehearsal for our next series for Sunday mass on Tuesday! Wheeew.

This weekend we head to Charlottesville for another late one. Then church the next day, followed by a rare Thursday duo gig at a local bar around 5 minutes from my house. Then another wedding Saturday (Baltimore, thank God!) and then church Sunday. And then… I CAN REST FOR REAL. 🙂

By the end of all of this, I will be 23 weeks. Right now, at 21 weeks, the baby is the size of a banana.



By week 24, a large grapefruit:



And the good news is, I’ve finally been feeling pretty good. Getting lots done around the house and hanging with Patrick- savoring giving him the attention he will have these last several months as an only child. I try to tell him about the baby, but he just doesn’t seem to get it. Maybe when I get bigger…. maybe when he can feel the baby move…. or, maybe it will be one giant surprise for him. Either way, he’ll be the best big brother. He’s already such a good buddy and caretaker to Fisher!



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